Gaddi Kutta

About gaddi kutta

Gaddi is a giant breed mastiff type mountain dog that’s found in Northern region of India, especially in the region of the Punjab western Himalayan (Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Kashmir) and few of them in Pakistan. The English name of gaddi kutta is Mahidant mastiff’s also known as Indian panther hounds. Gaddi Kutta is a very strong and powerful dog breed, and widely used by local shepherds as watchdog and to guard and protect their sheep’s and other cattle from the attack of the wild animals like leopard, tiger, fox, jackal. They are so efficient that one single Gaddi dogs can protect or guard hundreds of cattle’s. they are very intelligent, powerful and ferocious. They are very territorial and protective in nature.



Gaddi kutta
Gaddi kutta
Gaddi kutta
Gaddi kutta
  • Origin



  • Height

Male: 56–79 cm

Female: 51–7 cm


  • Weight

Male: 40–45 kg

Female: 35–40 kg


  • color




Black Tan

Black Red


  • Temperament overview

Ferocious, Territorial, Gentle, calm, intelligent loyal and protective.


  • Group

guard dog( giant breed)






The Gaddi Kutta is, calm and gentle with its owner, but it can be quite very aggressive towards other dogs and strange people. Making an agreeable family pet need to socialize in earlier days properly, they are very active and playful and highly energetic dog that make them difficult to handle them. They are very good with kids if rise with them. Gaddi kutta is known for its courageous temperament, and unmatched protective instincts. The gaddi kutta has a heavily arched and imposing neck acting as natural shield from attacks by not allowing predators to sink their teeth deep into flesh. But also the dog has a massive skull, and his overall sharpness gets balanced with his sturdy built. The gaddi dog figure is perfectly matched with a prominent occipital, deep low brisket, high hocks and straight back.





They are deep chested and muscular in body, long legs that makes capable at great speeds and prized for its high stamina. The tail generally curls over the back. They have sturdy square build with strong muzzle. Gaddi kutta  dogs are available in two  different coat type  Short coat  having bushy wire hair type and long coat have woolly long hair. Males are generally bigger than females. Gaddi kutta are look similar to the Tibetan mastiff. Gaddi are the ancestor of the Tibetan mastiff


Dog should be brushed regularly. In the winter the coat has an abundance of very thick hair, which sheds when the weather gets warmer. During this time your gaddi kutta need to be brushed and combed daily. nails should be trim time to time , need cleaning of teeth and gums  time to time.






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