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Rajapalayam dog is one of the most famous Indian breed from the Indian pedigree dog, it  also known as a Poligar hound. It was the companion of the royalty and aristocracy in Southern India, particularly in its namesake town of Rajapalayam which is located under virudunagar district  of Tamil Nadu

origin: India (Tamil Nadu)

group:- Hound (large breed)

other name :-Indian sight hound, Poligar hound


General information about rajapalyam dog 

rajapalayam dog


22kg-25 kg


25 inch-32 inch

Life span:- 8-10

Average Litter size: 5

Rajapalayam dog is one of the few indian breed from pedigree database that has been developed in the country and is almost on the verge of extinction now there are just a few breeder are present in Tamil Nadu that have the presence of this breed.  In the recent times there have been a lot of efforts that are being made to encourage the breeding and popularize them inside and outside of the country.

In such effort the Animal Husbandry Department of the Tamil Nadu government has sponsored the dog shows and has even set up breeding centres in the state in order to prevent the total extinction of rajapalayam dog. In fact, government ofTamil Nadu has even adorned the postage stamps to create awareness for this breed

Rajapalayam dog were developed to hunt for wild boar and other small prey. They make excellent guard dogs for the family and good with the children if puppy were rise with them. it might do well with other dogs but will not be tolerant towards smaller pets because of their high prey drive. This breed has an abundant of energy and will need regular exercise.so therefore they are not the perfect breed to keep in an apartment.


This breed has a pink nose and white smooth short coat, which is absolutely different when compared to other dogs around the world. But its not the “Alabino” ” albino is a cause in which  dogs have lack of  melanin and color pigment“.

They have a deep chest and domed shaped head that is carried high with softer coat on the head as compared to the body. The skin is loose all over the body and the almond eyes are dark and usually deep brown. The ears are pendant shape and feel like soft leather.


Rajapalayam dog is used for hunting by the royal family of india and still retains that trait to an extent. It was bred to hunt for wild rabbits and small animals.  They are not hesitant to pounce on intruders, which make them one of the best guard dog.  Throughout the history it was known as a breed that is extremely attached to the owner and will not think twice before removing the obstacles.

Rajapalayam dogs have a unique sense and perception, that helps them to see through strangers as to whether they are threats to the family or not.  They are good family companions and a special bond with the owner and there family.



rajapalayam dog
rajapalayam dog (male)
rajapalayam dog puppy
Rajapalayam dog puppy


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